webMAN MOD 1.47.04 pour PS3 CFW CEX DEX

Aldostools vient de mettre à disposition sa toute dernière version de webMAN MOD qui passe en v1.47.04.
L'application webMAN est un plugin qui permet de lancer des backups PS3, PS2, PS1, PSP, Blu-ray ou DVD, stocké sur disque dur interne, FAT32 ou NTFS.
Compatible avec les fichiers au format JB ou ISO, il donne un accès directement depuis le XMB à toute votre bibliothèque.
Il vous offre des fonctions FTP aussi bien sur CFW Cobra et NonCobra.
Il vous permet de spoofer vos IDPS/PSID, mais aussi de désactiver vos syscalls et bien plus encore...

webMAN MOD 1.47.04

@aldostools aldostools released this 3 days ago · 2 commits to master since this release
NTFS files now are shown with the proper file date (thanks to @freddy38510)
NTFS & NETISO games now are mounted with external plugins [Thanks to @deank]
This fixes the freeze of the console when a 2nd PSXISO was mounted & played from ps3netsrv
The plugins raw_iso.sprx & netiso.sprx now are located in /dev_hdd0/tmp/wm_res
Reduced in approx. 10KB the footprint of webftp_server.sprx
NTFS drives now are checked & remounted if necessary every time that the root folder is listed in FTP/web
PASV mode in FTP now retries up to 250 ports (instead of 10)
wm_proxy.sprx now is located in /dev_hdd0/tmp/wm_res
Reduced the CD cache size from 64 to 48 sectors and the memory usage from 192KB to 128KB
Increased NTFS cache from 1 to 8 pages and from 8 to 16 sectors per cache