FreeShop pour 3DS 2DS et New3DS se met à jour en v3.1.2

FreeShop pour 2DS 3DS New3DS se met à jour et passe en version 3.1.2
C'est grâce au devellopeur arc13 succésseur de TheCruel auteur de l'incontournabe FreeShop original, que ceci est possible.
Arc13 a mis les bouchées doubles pour sortir un gros ChangeLog sur cette nouvelle version.

Les principaux points sont :

  • améliorations sur la stabilité générale
  • la lecture expérimentale de fichiers MP3
  • ajout de notifications
  • amélioration du mode veille / inactivité
  • des notifications sont ajoutées
  • boites de dialogues et information retravaillées
  • nombreux bugs corrigés.

ChangeLog :

Release 3.1.2

arc13 1 day ago 6 commits to master since this release
The colorful update.
Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments.
EXPERIMENTAL: The MP3 files are now supported for the BGM. (Thanks to @MaK11-12 and his ctrmus)
Added Notifiers, with support for the 3DS's RGB LED (thanks to @Sono) and the Notification applet.
Updated Timmy (1.2): Theme makers should update their themes, a new guide has been released with the changelog.
Support for the Sapphire sysmodule, which extends the functionnality of the Notifiers with sleep mode downloads, it will blink the LED when a sleep mode download is finished. (Thanks to @Sono again, download links on the GBAtemp thread, a system firmware >= 11.0 is required.)
Improved Sleep/Inactivity mode: You can now choose which screen you want to turn off after a certain amount of inactivity. You can also choose to dim the Power and WiFi LEDs. You can also choose after how many seconds the freeShop will go into sleep mode.
Added the possibility to reset the eShop music (to grab the most recent one).
The music will now stop if the volume slider is too low (this can be disabled in the Music settings).
You can now press the A button on the loading screen to enable WiFi.
A notification is sent if the battery level is low.
Added percentage on loading screen for the "Loading game list" part
The app can now be closed via the Start button (no longer the Select) to let users open Rosalina while they are in the app.
The dialogs has been reworked.
Bugfix: The Informations icon is now selected by default on freeShop boot
Bugfix: The system app DLC & Updates are now installable without problems
Bugfix: If you quit the app while the Game list is loading, it should not crash anymore.
A 3DSX version has been added (for homebrew users with Luma3DS 8.0), however some secondary functionnalities, like the battery percentage and the RGB LED aren't working.

Vous pouvez mettre à jour votre FreeShop depuis celui-ci via votre console.

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